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DRC Mining Week 2023


The DRC mining week was a great experience that allowed us to make our company known by presenting our different activities. People were motivated and curious to learn more about us, different contacts were exchanged.

Several of our products (exhibited materials) had to captivate the attention of passers-by with respect to the quality and the brand of our products, which are original.

Products we exhibited :

* Contactor

– Earth leakage tester to check the phase direction, the presence of Earth and even the presence of voltage

– Voltmeter is for measuring voltage

– Clamp meter is to measure the amperage Dan’s each phase

– Breaker is for current protection Dan’s each line

* Instrumentation

PSL: Pressure switch level

FSL : Flow switch level

LIT: Level indicated transmitter

LSH : level switch height

LSL : level switch low

PIT: pressure indicated transmitter

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